An Easter Song

In twos and threes they climb the hill,

Some lean on sticks to aid the trek.

The sun has yet to rise above

The bay.  They gather near the stones.


“The largest crowd I’ve ever seen”

The priest and acolytes prepare

The table, roughly made of wood

And placed before St. Manchan’s cross.


More torches bob below us now.

In ainm an Athur” he begins.

The ancient tongue is all they need

Today to praise their risen lord.


A whistle plays a solemn air

And voices rise to greet the sun.

We walk back down the hill to home

Scattering sheep as we go.

5 thoughts on “An Easter Song

  1. Heartfelt words paint a picture of intention…I silently see and feel. Thank you! Blessings of newness and purity on this special day! Lots of love, Susan, River, and Niki


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